Tony Khan Claims New Media Rights Deal will Give them a secure future

AEW TV Deal is yet to be announced and there has been rumors floating around that any TV Deal offered to AEW Will not be very good offers however Speaking on SportsGrid, Tony Khan provided an update on the talks and what it would mean for AEW. He said it’s “going to be a huge thing,” emphasizing that the investment in AEW has more than paid off and expressing confidence in the company’s long-term future.

He Quoted:

“It’s going to be a huge thing. It will mean that all the investment into AEW has more than paid off. It will mean a very secure future for AEW for a very long time to come. We’re going to get a great media rights deal, we’re having great conversations here, and we have a great home at Warner Brothers Discovery. I was really pleased they want us to stay and they made us great offers and we’re having great conversations now. With five hours of wrestling every week and streaming, there are all kinds of things to talk about. It’s really exciting for the future of AEW.”

Tony Khan was then asked if There would be a possibility of Rampage and Collision changing days depending on the NBA schedule on TNT.

He Quoted:

“We’d have to look at that. These are all kinds of interesting things we can talk about. Some things we are talking about. There is a lot to be figured out there. The last thing I can do is speculate on what the future of the NBA is. I’m in no position to say what their future is. It’s something everybody is going to be watching very closely. Warner Brothers Discovery has been great to us and have also been very savvy about acquiring sports media rights. It was really brilliant to sublicense the college football playoff games. That’s going to add even more viewers to TNT and it brings in events that are going to do some of the biggest audiences outside of the NFL.”

We wonder if we hear anything soon about the new TV deals or if this will continue on for a while with no TV Deal announced.

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