Free Agent Offically Leaves Previous Company set to Join WWE

Several days ago it was reported that Stephanie Vaquer was set to depart CMLL, with WWE and AEW both said to have made offers to secure her signature.

At the time it was unclear what Vaquer’s future in CMLL looked like, with the Chilean star currently holding both the CMLL World Women’s and World Tag Team Championships and said to have significant time left on her CMLL deal according to Luchablog

Despite that however, it has now been announced that Vaquer has indeed opted to depart CMLL before the end of her deal, with Vaquer being officially removed from the CMLL and NJPW rosters and stripped of her championships.

In a statement Stephanie Vaquer has taken to social media to address her CMLL & NJPW departure: At this moment I stop belonging to the ranks of CMLL and NJPW Clarify, I AM LEAVING THROUGH THE BIG DOOR, forever grateful to the WORLD WRESTLING COUNCIL AND NEW JAPAN PRO WRESTLING, and in the best terms. From today I vacate the CMLL World Women’s Championship as well as the CMLL World Women’s Couples Championship. For which I offer an apology to the fans. For obvious reasons, I will not be present at the next shows and I hope you can understand that the terms between companies are what lead to this statement. With Mexico in my heart and with the commitment to represent Mexican wrestling wherever I go Infinite thanks to SR Salvador Lutteroth for his good wishes and also to all the unconditional support of my people and my colleagues THANK YOU

The Latest News On Stephanie is she is set to Join WWE’s NXT Brand.

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