WWE Raw Report For July 8th, 2024: Rhea Ripley Returns, CM Punk And Seth “Freakin” Rollins Have Unfinished Business, Wyatt SICKS Vignettes Continue.

CM Punk And Seth “Freakin” Rollins Segment: We had CM Punk open Raw this week. Punk said that he is so happy to be here on Raw tonight. He also stated that it has been a crazy weekend with MITB and NXT Heatwave, but the person he came out here tonight to address is Drew McIntyre. Punk said that McIntyre has brought all of this pain and misery upon himself. Punk said that when he costed McIntyre the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 40, the Raw after Wrestlemania, CATC, and MITB, it was because McIntyre continued to poke the bear with the Pepsi tattoo on his arm. Punk then requested Raw GM Adam Pearce to lift McIntyre’s suspension, so that he can end this once and for all. Instead of Pearce, Seth “Freakin” Rollins came down to the ring instead. Rollins said that what Punk did at MITB was get in his way of becoming World Heavyweight Champion. Rollins reminded Punk that he told him when he came back to WWE to stay out of his business, in which Punk has not listened to. Punk then apologized to Rollins, although it was a light hearted apology to say the least. Rollins got the last word by telling Punk that when Punk gets medically cleared to compete, Rollins will be all over him to the point where Punk will have to go back on IR. Rollins also told Punk that actions lead to consequences, and proceeded to leave the ring.

Jey Uso Versus Chad Gable: This match was ok. Gable worked over Uso for a bit with german suplexes and belly to belly suplexes, one of which Uso took a nasty landing on outside of the ring. Uso though was able to get some offense going, throwing fists and superkicks in Gable’s way. Gable then was able to get Uso into an Ankle Lock and was close to making Uso submit, but was unsuccessful. In the middle of the match, the Wyatt SICKS music and flickering lights started to happen, causing Gable to get shook and allow for Uso to hit him with a spear for the win.


“Big” Bronson Reed Versus Pete Dunne: This was a good match. Dunne did his joint manipulation tactics to wear Reed down. Reed however would not give up, and delivered haymaker after haymaker to Dunne. It seemed as if the more Dunne would try to break Reed’s fingers and arms, the angrier Reed got over time. The match concluded with Reed hitting is Tsunami Splash finisher to win. Post match, Reed continued to beat down Dunne, until Sheamus came to the rescue and Brogue Kicked Reed out of the ring. When Sheamus tried to help Dunne up, Dunne shoved Sheamus away, probably still sore wounds from their Brawling Brutes days.


Sami Zayn (Intercontinental Champion) Segment: Sami Zayn (Intercontinental Champion) came to the ring to address his friends in Canada, where Raw was tonight. Zayn said that at MITB, Bron Breakker underestimated him, and got what coming to him. Zayn said that throughout his entire career, he was been looked at as the underdog. Well now, Zayn said that he is a champion. Bron Breakker then came down to the ring. Breakker said some nice things, and looked as if he was going to tell Zayn he was the better man, until he speared Zayn out of his boots. Breakker then assaulted Zayn until officials broke it up. As Breakker was leaving the ring, he speared Zayn again on the outside. This set up a match between Breakker and Ilja Dragunov later on in the show.

Uncle Howdy Segment: We had a Uncle Howdy Segment. Howdy talked about how his group will be set free to cause carnage, chaos, and fear. Michael Cole and Pat McAfee were pretty freaked out by all of this.

Liv Morgan (Women’s World Champion) And “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio Segment: We had Liv Morgan (Women’s World Champion) and Dominik Mysterio backstage stretching… Or whatever you want to call it. Reminded me of HHH and Trish Stratus circa 2000 lol.

Braun Strowman, R-Truth, And Miz Versus Finn Balor And JD McDonagh (World Tag Team Champions), And Carlito: Strowman was the star of this match, throwing and slamming the Judgment Day all around the canvas. Balor did get some heat for beating down Miz for awhile, until of course Strowman got the hot tag. When Strowman came in, he choke slammed Balor into unconsciousness until the remainder of Judgment Day broke up the pin. Truth and Miz hit a couple of Attitude Adjustments and Five Knuckle Shuffles. The turning point of the match was when Strowman went after JD into the crowd, which allowed Balor to hit Truth with a Coup De Grace to pick up the victory.


Final Testament Segment: We had Karrion Kross warning Xavier Woods that if he does not join the Final Testament, then he will be destroyed. Kofi Kingston is also sidelined with a kayfabe injury I believe.

Bron Breakker Versus Ilja Dragunov: This match was of course fantastic. Breakker got a ton of offense here on Dragunov, but without Dragunov returning the fire back at Breakker. Breakker was targeting Dragunov’s ribs for a good portion of the match. Dragunov however was able to hit Breakker with a couple of german suplexes and vicious forearms to the face. Dragunov demonstrated his ruthlessness by raising Breakker from the top rope to land a powerbomb and finishing with a senton for that nearly won him the match. Breakker attempted to destory Dragunov with his running Spear outside the ring, but The Mad Dragon blocked him with a knee. The match finished in a no contest, when Dragunov was looking to level Breakker with a Torpedo Moscow, until Breakker countered with a chair to the face, causing the disqualification. Sami Zayn injured in all tried to get back at Breakker, but was once again taken out by the Steiner brutality that Breakker possesses.


Gunther Segment: We had Gunther going through his career, and telling us why he will become the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Iyo Sky, Dakota Kai, And Kairi Sane Versus Lyra Valkyria, Katana Chance, And Kayden Carter: This was a decent tag match. Valkyria, Chance, and Carter delivered a massive triple suplex on Damage CTRL. Valkyria’s team appeared to be in control after hitting the Keg Stand, but Sky appeared out of nowhere to break up the pinfall before landing the her trademark Moon Sault on Carter to win the bout. Following the fight, Sonya Deville, Shayna Baszler, and Zoey Stark attacked every individual they could get their hands on.


Liv Morgan (Women’s World Champion) And “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio Versus Rey Mysterio And Zelina Vega: When this was the main event, I had a feeling as to why it was the final segment on this weeks Raw. Morgan defended Dirty Dom by pushing him out of the way as Vega executed a massive plunge on Morgan. Morgan’s forfeit was in futile fashion, nevertheless, as Rey struck his son with a seated senton. Dominik attempted to take off his father’s mask, but Mysterio avoided the disgraceful act. Vega lighted up Morgan with a noteworthy hurricanrana and a Meteora, almost dooming Morgan. Dominik attempted to use the Three Amigos, but Rey and Vega came together for a double 619 on Dom. Morgan came in at the last second to save Dom, when Rey had already was about to put away his son for good. Vega struck her own 619 on Morgan, but Morgan recovered and allowed Dominik to score with a frog splash, giving Dirty Dom his first victory over his father Rey Mysterio. Post match, Morgan and Dom were looking as if they were about to have a live sex celebration Edge and Lita 2006 style, when RHEA RIPLEY made her triumphant return. Ripley scared off Morgan, and then told Dom that MAMI IS BACK!


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