WWE Money In The Bank Report For July 6th, 2024: Solo Sikoa Pins WWE Champion Cody Rhodes, Damian Priest Retains The World Heavyweight Championship Once Again Thanks To CM Punk.

Drew McIntyre Versus Carmelo Hayes Versus LA Knight Versus Jey Uso Versus Chad Gable Versus Andrade In The Men’s MITB Ladder Match: This was a barn burner of a match. It was a car crash of sorts to say the least. I mean were talking powerbombs through ladders, ladders being used as launching pads, and battering rams the like. The stipulation was fulfilled completely here, which was nice to see. The match kicked off and brawl and fight for a future world title opportunity was on, and each competitor rushed to start the fight, seeking ladders and other objects, and Andrade provided the initial significant blow by striking a leg drop off a ladder onto Chad Gable. Carmelo Hayes’ springboard clothesline onto Andrade demonstrated Melo Don’t Miss, but Andrade responded with a reversed Spanish fly on a ladder that was set up. Jey Uso and LA Knight encountered one another at the very peak of a ladder, with Yeet’s and Yeah’s corresponding each blow thanks to the audience, but both men were not able to capture the contract. Hayes struck his Nothing But Net finishing move and appeared to be on his way to victory, but Knight and Andrade accompanied him up the rungs of the ladder, and Andrade delivered an incredible sunset flip powerbomb through a ladder set up between the middle ladder rung and the middle rope. Gable reached for the briefcase, but Uso shifted the ladder, leaving Gable hanging dangerously above the ring. Gable fell face first onto the ring moments later and caught Uso’s Roman Reigns like Spear. Uso possessed the briefcase and it was looking like a Yeet In The Bank was about to commence, but McIntyre deployed a ladder as a saber to knock Uso to the mat, and after a Claymore to Uso, McIntyre climbed the ladder to become Mr. Money in the Bank.


Sami Zayn (Intercontinental Champion) Versus Bron Breakker For The Intercontinental Championship: Breakker had an impressive showing here in his debut main roster PLE against Zayn. Breakker dominated Zayn, throwing him around like a ragdoll for a good while. Zayn is best when he is the underdog in matches, and was good here mounting comebacks before Breakker stopped him in his tracks. There was a couple of scary spots here. One of them being Breakker getting clotheslined over the top rope and damn near landing on his head. Another was outside the ring when Zayn attempted a moon sault off the barricade before Breakker barely caught him with a powerslam. It was a hard hitting match, but also a scary one at the same time. When Zayn finally established some traction later on in the bout, he was met with a vicious Spear on the outside from Breakker, but he rallied and almost won the battle with a Blue Thunder Bomb moments later. Breakker delivered a bone crushing Frankensteiner, flipping the pages once more, and then proceeded to launch himself off the apron to hit Zayn with a flying clothesline onto the announce table. Breakker’s Gorilla Press Slam virtually condemned Zayn, but a precise Helluva Kick took Breakker down allowing Zayn to retain his Intercontinental Championship.


John Cena Segment: Cena announced that the next year and a half will be his farewell tour as a full time in ring competitor. Cena is confirmed for next year’s Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, and Wrestlemania. Cena is listed to wrestle 30 to 40 dates over the next year and a half. Looking forward to Cena closing the final chapter on his legendary career, truly one of the GOATS of professional wrestling and sports entertainment.

Damian Priest (World Heavyweight Champion) Versus Seth Rollins For The World Heavyweight Championship: This to me was the match of the night. Both men gave it everything they had for the the top prize on Raw. Priest and Rollins annihilated one another in the ring, but after every maneuver, both competitors glanced over their shoulders to see if Drew McIntyre would try to cash in his Money In the Bank contract. Rollins almost won the contest by repelling the champion and landing a curb stomp, but after talking trash to Priest, Rollins was hit by a Razor’s Edge, but found the intestinal fortitude to kick out. After Rollins’ superplex and falcon arrow combination, McIntyre cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to make it a Triple Threat Match. However, the same man who McIntyre obliterated in Chicago on Smackdown a couple of weeks ago returned to cost McIntyre once again. CM Punk showed up and came after McIntyre with raining fists, kicks, and a steel chair. Punk threw McIntyre back into the ring and struck him with the World Heavyweight Championship, before Priest landed a South of Heaven Chokeslam for the win. Due to this, Priest is not required to leave The Judgment Day, and Rollins is unable to challenge for the World Heavyweight Title so long that Priest is the world champion.


Tiffany Stratton Versus Iyo Sky Versus Lyra Valkyria Versus Chelsea Green Versus Naomi Versus Zoey Stark In The Women’s MITB Ladder Match: This match was true roller coaster to say the least. The botches in here were enough for a Botchamania YouTube special, but also had sick spots that were cool as well. It was one of the more chaotic ladder matches I have seen in a good while. Chelsea Green attempted a novel method to obtaining the briefcase down by hitting it with a ladder, but it did not work. Lyra Valkyria and Iyo Sky faced off right away, with Valkyria landing a pounding fisherman suplex onto a ladder to Sky. Zoey Stark defeated Valkyria with a violent splash onto a ladder, but Naomi joined the fight with a split-legged moonsault onto another ladder. With Sky attached in the corner by a ladder, Stratton utilized her aerobics experience to walk on the ladder like a beam of equilibrium before providing a Swanton Bomb to the other four women on the outside of the ring. Naomi tried to climb two ladders, but Stark and Stratton pulled them separate from one another. Nevertheless, this did not deter Naomi, who did a split and delivered a phenomenal DDT on Stark. Every woman except Naomi entered the ring, and disorder took place, culminating in Valkyria being thrown off a ladder and onto another. Sky and Stark discovered the largest ladder available, and Sky threw her opponent off it and destroyed her with a power slam on another ladder. Green rapidly ascended up to the steps of the ladder and practically won the match, but Stratton pushed the ladder to send her flying over the top rope and crashing into a pair of tables on the outside, securing the victory.


Cody Rhodes (WWE Champion), Randy Orton, And Kevin Owens Versus Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga, And Jacob Fatu: Solo Sikoa said that tonight he would show why he is the Tribal Chief, and boy did he ever. Jacob Fatu was presented great here in his WWE debut, dominating Randy Orton and getting up from all sorts of attacks by three current and former world champions. This was a one sided affair for a long time. The Bloodline beat down Orton or awhile until he got a hot tag, and did the same process to both Rhodes and Owens. Owens got beat down the most, being cornered and assaulted by the three members of the Bloodline. After facing a tremendous amount of punishment, Owens tagged in Rhodes, and he destroyed every member of The Bloodline, punctuated by a pair of tope suicidas. The referee was taken out as secondary harm, but Rhodes, Orton, and Owens continued to attack Fatu with a Cross Rhodes, Frog Splash, and RKO before Owens struck him through the announce table. Orton annihilated Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa with RKOs, before getting Samoan Spiked by Sikoa. Rhodes then hit two straight Cross Rhodes on Sikoa, before Fatu rejoined the fray and eliminated Rhodes, allowing Sikoa to deliver a Samoan Spike and pin the WWE Champion, Cody Rhodes, setting up a Summerslam main event between the two for the WWE Championship.




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