WWE Raw Report For July 1st, 2024: World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest Gets The Better Of Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre Qualifies For MITB.

Jey Uso, Chad Gable, And WYATT SICKS Segment: We started Raw this week with “Main Event” Jey Uso making his way through the crowd to the ringside area. Uso said that this Saturday at MITB, he is going to grab that briefcase and eventually become World Heavyweight Champion. Chad Gable then interrupted Uso. Gable said that what he has been through these past two weeks (attacked by the WYATT SICKS and Alpha Academy leaving him behind) would put any normal man down. But Gable said that he never gave up on himself and now he has an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming world champion. Gable then called out Uso for leaving the Bloodline a year ago, which caused Uso to superkick Gable out of the ring. The WYATT SICKS then made an appearance and for the second week in a row gave Michael Cole a mysterious box.

Karrion Kross Versus Xavier Woods: This match was fine for what it was. Kross took control over Woods for a good portion of the match. Woods eventually got a comeback going, but was shutdown by a big boot by Kross. The match ended when Kross was taking Woods lightly, which gave Woods a chance to small package Kross for the win. After the match, The Final Testament launched an assault on The New Day. After AOP defeated Woods outside the ring, Kross locked Kofi Kingston in an agonizing submission, injuring Kingston’s arm.


Damian Priest (World Heavyweight Champion), “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio, Liv Morgan (Women’s World Champion), Finn Balor And JD McDonagh (World Tag Team Champions) And Carlito Backstage Segment: We were brought into the Judgment Day clubhouse when Damian Priest and “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio were having a conversation, in which Dom said that Priest is acting like his Dad. We then saw Liv Morgan in the clubhouse playing WWE 2K24 with JD and Carlito. Finn Balor then told Priest that ever since he won the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 40, he has changed. Priest then said that he has not changed at all, and just because he wants to conduct his business by himself, that it doesn’t make him the bad guy in this situation. Balor then chastised Priest for putting his Judgment Day spot on the line at MITB. Priest responded to Balor by telling him that he has all the confidence in himself that he will defeat Seth Rollins and retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Liv Morgan (Women’s World Champion) Versus Zelina Vega For The Women’s World Championship: This match was good. We got some chain wrestling between the two women for awhile before Morgan cheap shotted Vega. Shortly after this, Dominik Mysterio made his way down to the ring, which made Morgan very happy. Rey Mysterio would then come up to be in Vega’s corner. Dominik Mysterio gave a chair to Vega in an attempt to deny Morgan the Women’s World Championship. Instead, Vega used it to knock “Dirty” Dom from the ring. Though the steel hit its target, the diversion enabled an enraged Liv to unleash Oblivion on her challenger, resulting in a successful title retention.


Damian Priest (World Heavyweight Champion), Finn Balor (World Tag Team Champion), And Seth Rollins Segment: Seth Rollins came out to the ring to sell one final promo before his match against Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Championship at MITB. Rollins said that he came back not to sing songs and dance with the audience, but to reclaim the World Heavyweight Championship that he lost at Wrestlemania 40. World Tag Team Champion Finn Balor then came out to the ring to tell Rollins that there is no way that Priest is losing to him at MITB. Rollins then told Balor that his beef isn’t with him, and it is with Damian Priest. Priest then made his way out to the ring to tell Rollins that nobody is jumping him right now, and at MITB, there will be no outside interference. Balor then attacked Rollins from behind, culminating in Priest hitting his signature South Of Heaven Chokeslam on Rollins.

Uncle Howdy Segment: We had an Uncle Howdy segment again this week in the same setting and environment as last week. It is better that you watch video below, since I can only give you the analysis of Howdy and the rest of the WYATT SICKS feeling forgotten about, and that they want to be remembered forever.

Dakota Kai Versus Zoey Stark Versus Ivy Nile In A Women’s MITB Qualifying Match: In revenge for Damage CTRL’s assault last week, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn eliminated an interfering Kairi Sane at the ring, allowing Zoey Stark to take out Dakota Kai with Z-360 and win the MITB qualifying match.


Rey Mysterio Versus “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio: This was a rematch from Wrestlemania 39. Father and Son were trading blows back and forth for awhile until Liv Morgan (Women’s World Champion) got involved in the match and helped her “Daddy Dom”. Zelina Vega ran down to the ring to make things even. As the melee continued, “Dirty” Dom climbed the top rope, keeping his father in his line of vision for a frog splash. At this point, Vega took Morgan down on the apron, and the motion of the ropes triggered Dominik to fall onto the top rope. Rey Mysterio instantly capitalized on his distanced son’s unfortunate circumstances, hitting a 619 in the corner and a frog splash for the win.


Chad Gable And Otis Catering Segment: This was the same segment as last week basically. Gable begged Otis to help him combat any future WYATT SICKS attacks, and Otis told him that he is on his own. Gable then told Otis that he will help him no matter what.

Lyra Valkyria, Kayden Carter, And Katana Chance Brawl With Damage CTRL: There was a backstage altercation between Damage CTRL and Valkyria, Chance, and Carter.

Sami Zayn (Intercontinental Champion) And Bron Breakker Segment: Zayn and Breakker had a really good segment building up their Intercontinental title match at MITB. The segment concluded with Breakker delivering two vicious spears to Zayn. Looking forward to this match this weekend at MITB.

Drew McIntyre Versus Sheamus Versus Ilja Dragonuv In A Men’s MITB Qualifying Match: This match was a fun main event. All three of these men gave it everything they had to emerge victorious. Dragonuv really shined here, getting a ton of offense on both McIntyre and Sheamus. There was another spot where McIntyre had Sheamus for a superplex, before Dragonuv german suplexed both men, causing the ring to shake. Sheamus then however caught Dragonuv with a Brogue Kick, but only for a two count. Dragonuv then came back with a Torpedo Moscow, in which Sheamus barely survived. Sheamus then caught Dragonuv with a second Brogue Kick, looking to have the match won, until McIntyre pulled Dragonuv out of the ring and leveled Sheamus with a Claymore Kick for the win.


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