WWE Raw Report For June 24th, 2024: Damian Priest And Seth Rollins Continue The Build For Their World Heavyweight Championship Match At Money In The Bank, Finn Balor And JD McDonagh Win The World Tag Team Championships.

Drew McIntyre: Raw started this week with the man who just quit WWE one week ago, only to brutalize CM Punk in Chicago four days later, Drew McIntyre. McIntyre said that he has been telling Punk for many months that when he got his hands on him, he would tear him apart. Based on what happened on Smackdown, I would say McIntyre was proven right. McIntyre said that he will never forgive Punk for what he did to him at CATC, costing him the World Heavyweight Championship, and that from here on out, he will make Punk’s life a living hell until the day he retires. McIntyre hopes that Punk can’t even eat solid food, and that he has to eat and drink everything through a straw. McIntyre closed his promo with mocking Punk’s bracelet of his dog Larry and his wife AJ Lee. McIntyre said that Punk will watch him win the MITB men’s ladder match and capture the World Heavyweight Championship.

Bron Breakker Versus Ludwig Kaiser: This was a good match. Breakker showed off his explosiveness early on, but Kaiser eventually gained the advantage by chopping Breakker down from the knees. Kaiser continued to work over Breakker for awhile, before eventually getting splashed by Breakker onto the announce table. The match continued on for a little while more, until Sheamus came down to the ring to interfere and attack Kaiser, causing a no contest. Sheamus then had Kaiser in the powerbomb position, only for Breakker to spear Sheamus in half. It is worth noting that at MITB, it will be Sami Zayn (Intercontinental Champion) Versus Bron Breakker For The Intercontinental Championship.


Kairi Sane Versus Lyra Valkyria Versus Shayna Baszler In A MITB Women’s Qualifiying Match: This was a fine match for what it was. Valkyria got some heat on both competitors early, until Sane threw her shoulder first into the ring post. Baszler showed off her submission capabilities, and in some cases looked as if she had the match won. The finish happened when Baszler put Valkyria in a Kirifuda Clutch, in which Valkyria was able to do the classic Bret Hart reversal into a pin combo. This allowed for Sane to hit her InSane elbow on Baszler, then Valkyria hit her finish on Sane for the win.


Liv Morgan (Women’s World Champion), Zelina Vega, And Dominik Mysterio Segment: We had our Women’s World Champion Liv Morgan come out to the ring to address her love for Dominik Mysterio. Morgan said that she came out here to address Mysterio in front of the world, and for him to come out to the ring to express his true feelings towards Morgan. Instead of Dirty Dom however, Zelina Vega came out instead. Vega said that she believes that Morgan is forgetting that she is the Women’s World Champion, and instead of prioritizing that, she is going after Rhea Ripley’s sloppy seconds. Morgan said that the only thing she cares about is the Women’s World title. Vega then challenged Morgan to a match for the title tonight, but Morgan said another time. Then Dominik Mysterio came out to the ring and was asked by Morgan if he had liked the gifts she sent him, to which Dom said no. The crowd was then booing for awhile so I couldn’t make out the rest of the segment. Morgan eventually attacked Vega, and after Rey Mysterio came out to stop the chaos, only to be pushed down by his son Dom.

Seth Rollins Hype Video Package: We got a Seth Rollins video package hyping him up for his World Heavyweight Championship match against Damian Priest (World Heavyweight Champion) at MITB.

Braun Strowman Versus Chad Gable Versus Bronson Reed In A Men’s MITB Qualifying Match: Gable was being used as a pinball by these two behemoths for a good portion of the match. Strowman and Reed then had some big man spots, which included the Strowman Express that always gets the crowd into a match. When The Judgment Day appeared to attack Braun Strowman taking him out of the match, Chad Gable took advantage and performed a stunning moonsault on Bronson Reed to advance to MITB.


WYATT SICKS Deliver Michael Cole a care package: The WYATT Sicks gave Michael Cole a care package that would be revealed later on in the show.

Alba Fyre And Isla Dawn (WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions) Versus Kayden Carter And Katana Chance: After Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn defeated Katana Chance and Kayden Carter with a catastrophic Gory Bomb/leg sweep combo, Damage CTRL appeared to launch an all out beating on both tag teams.


Chad Gable, Otis, Maxxine Dupri, And Akira Towzowa Backstage Segment: We saw Chad Gable try to win back his former Alpha Academy students, but to no avail, despite him essentially being murdered last week by the WYATT SICKS, and seeing the light I suppose. We then saw Ivy Nile and the Creed Brothers come into frame talking to Gable, look out for this in the weeks to come.

Damian Priest (World Heavyweight Champion) And Seth Rollins Segment: This was just to continue the build for Raw’s World Heavyweight Championship match at MITB. A majority of the same things said last week for said here this week just in a different way. The match did get a stipulation however, and that is if Damian Priest retains the World Heavyweight Championship against Seth Rollins at MITB, then Rollins cannot challenge for the title so long that Priest is champion. But if Seth Rollins defeats Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Championship, then Priest must leave the Judgment Day.

Bo Dallas And Uncle Howdy Segment: We now know what the WYATT SICKS gave to Michael Cole earlier on, which was a video of Bo Dallas talking to his alter ego Uncle Howdy about his later brother, Bray Wyatt. This was an emotional but at the same time intimidating segment.

Karrion Kross Versus Kofi Kingston: This match went on for a few minutes before we cut backstage to see AOP attacking Xavier Woods, distracting Kingston so that Kross could win the match, pretty decent stuff here.


R-Truth And Miz (World Tag Team Champions) Versus Finn Balor And JD McDonagh For The World Tag Team Championships: This was an ok tag title match. It went the same way that all WWE tag matches go, heels get heat on babyfaces until babyface gets the got tag etcetera. Following Women’s World Champion Liv Morgan ascending onto the apron and neck-breaking R-Truth on the ropes, Finn Bálor hit the Coup de Grace, allowing him and JD McDonagh to win the World Tag Team Championships. Now that Morgan has helped the Judgment Day capture additional gold, what is next in this storyline? Will be interesting to see next week.



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