WWE Smackdown Report For June 21st, 2024: CM Punk Bloodied By Drew McIntyre In Chicago, Jacob Fatu Debuts And Lays Waste To WWE Champion Cody Rhodes.

CM Punk, Paul Heyman, Bloodline, And Cody Rhodes (WWE Champion) Segment: We started off Smackdown this week with CM Punk making his hometown entrance in Chicago. The crowd was elated to see their hero, as we was slapping hands with fans and taking in the roar of the audience. Punk said that it feels great to be in his city, his environment, with all of his supporters. Punk then took shots at Drew McIntyre, saying things like “If you promise your going to win the world title in front of your hometown, you have to deliver” and things of that nature. Later on in Punk’s promo, he was interrupted by Paul Heyman, a former advocate of his in 2012-2013. Heyman said that it was so good to see Punk again, and came out to the ring to save him. Heyman explained to Punk that Solo Sikoa, the new Tribal Chief, wants every city the Bloodline comes to, to be his city. Heyman also told Punk that if he does not leave this ring right now, the Bloodline are going to come down to the ring and beat him down. Eventually, the Bloodline made their way out to the ring. Solo Sikoa gave CM Punk two choices. One being that he simply acknowledges the Bloodline. The second one being the Bloodline beat CM Punk so bad that can never wrestle again. Punk then looked as if he was going to acknowledge the Bloodline, but called Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa some fake ass Usos, and Solo Sikoa a bootleg Tribal Chief. This enraged the group, and they were entering the ring to maul Punk, but Cody Rhodes (WWE Champion) came out from the crowd with baseball bats and stopped the attack. Rhodes then challenged Sikoa for a match tonight, to which Sikoa accepted.

Bianca Belair Versus Chelsea Green Versus Michin In A MITB Women’s Qualifying Match: This match was fine for what it was. Belair was the aggressor early on, showing off why she is the EST of WWE. Chelsea Green was constantly looking for cheap way to escape the match with a win. And Michin was just kind of there doing her thing. Chelsea Green grabbed Michin from behind and threw The EST of WWE out of the ring to steal the pin seconds after Bianca Belair hit her with the K.O.D. Green’s victory earned her the right to compete in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.


Randy Orton Versus Carmelo Hayes Versus Tama Tonga In A Men’s MITB Qualifying Match: Orton was fighting off both Hayes and Tonga for a good part of this match, but was eventually slowed down by the two on one dynamic. Tonga and Hayes then fought each other for a little bit before Orton emerged with his comeback, DDT’ing both men as a result. Kevin Owens stepped in to stop a disrupting Tonga Loa, and Randy Orton sent Tama Tonga to the ringside area. The diversion enabled Carmelo Hayes to roll up Orton for a swift pin and advance to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.


Drew McIntyre Bloodies CM Punk: Given what CM Punk did to him at CATC, costing him the World Heavyweight Championship against Damian Priest, Drew McIntyre got his revenge against Punk, leaving him in a bloody pulp in front of all of his people in Chicago. This feud is heating up just in time for Summerslam in five to six weeks, and it’s going to be a ton of fun watching the rest of this program play out.

LA Knight, Logan Paul (United States Champion) And Santos Escobar Segment: We had the megastar LA Knight come out out to the ring looking for Logan Paul, who was nowhere to be found up to this point in the night. Santos Escobar then came out and started to insult Knight, before attacking him. This backfired for Escobar, who got drilled with a BFT from Knight. Out of nowhere, Logan Paul emerged in the ring and took Knight out, setting a stage for match between the two sooner rather then later.

Kevin Owens Versus Grayson Waller (WWE Tag Team Champion) Versus Andrade In A Men’s MITB Qualifying Match: This was a fun match considering all that were involved. Lots of hard hitting action in this one. Immediately after Kevin Owens stunned Andrade, Grayson Waller tried to capitalize on Owens’ injury at the hands of the Bloodline by pulling him out of the ring and landing a DDT on the floor. When Waller jumped back through the ropes to hit his finisher, Andrade countered Waller defeated the WWE Tag Team Champion, qualifying for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.


Solo Sikoa And Paul Heyman Backstage Segment: A couple of minuted before the main event match between WWE Champion Cody Rhodes and Solo Sikoa, Sikoa updated Heyman backstage that Roman Reigns will not return. The Bloodline assaulted Rhodes in the first few minutes of the following match, forcing the referee to call for the bell.

Cody Rhodes (WWE Champion) Versus Solo Sikoa: This match only went on for a few minutes before the Bloodline came down to the ring and assaulted Rhodes, before Orton and Owens came down to the ring to even the odds. Randy Orton and Kevin Owens intervened, and the three were about to pounce on Sikoa. Before they could exact revenge, the new threat of Jacob Fatu appeared and attacked all three of the babyfaces. Fatu’s ambush culminated in a Samoan Splash on The WWE Champion Cody Rhodes from the top rope through the announce table.



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