WWE Raw Report For June 17th, 2024: Seth “Freakin” Rollins Returns, Will Face Damian Priest For The World Heavyweight Championship At Money In The Bank, The WYATT SICK6 Faction Debuts.

Seth “Freakin” Rollins And Damian Priest (World Heavyweight Champion) Segment: After his monstrous Wrestlemania 40 performance earlier this year, Seth “Freakin” Rollins is back on Raw. Rollins said that it feels damn good to call Monday Night Raw Monday Night Rollins again, and that he has his sights set on the World Heavyweight Championship. As Rollins was about to declare for the men’s MITB ladder match, Damian Priest (World Heavyweight Champion) made his way down to the ring. Priest said that he really wanted to cash his MITB contract in on Rollins, but the circumstances changed to cashing in on Drew McIntyre instead. Priest also said that a year ago when him and Rollins met in this ring, that Rollins was the better overall performer. But this time, Damian Priest is the kingpin on Raw, and he wants a straight up match with Rollins. Rollins said that there are a ton of similarities between himself and Priest, but the one thing Rollins said he had that Damian Priest did not have was some intestinal fortitude. This is where Priest wanted to prove that he the man here on Raw, and thus challenged Rollins to face him for the World Heavyweight Championship in two weeks at MITB, to which Rollins accepted.

Braun Strowman Versus Chad Gable: Chad Gable faced the difficult task of defeating Braun Strowman in a David vs. Goliath match. Gable denigrated his Alpha Academy members who were ringside as he attempted to snip Strowman’s wing-like structures Gable fought valiantly, but Strowman proved too strong, finishing Gable with a massive tilt-a-whirl power slam. After the match, Gable attempted to bully his group once again, before Otis, who has been the most gaslighted by Gable in the last couple of months, had enough and shoved Chad Gable across the ring, leading to hellacious pop from the crowd.


Judgment Day Backstage Segment: We cut backstage to the Judgment Day clubhouse to see what is going on with them. “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio is searching his bags for something, and Finn Balor is talking strategy with Carlito and JD McDonagh This is where Damian Priest (World Heavyweight Champion) comes into frame and presses Balor on taking Liv Morgan’s (Women’s World Champion) hotel room key and putting it in his pocket. Balor proclaimed that he took the key so that Dom Dom wouldn’t get hurt by Morgan. Priest then talked to Balor about MITB, and Balor said that when he wins, he will cash in, on WWE Champion Cody Rhodes over on Smackdown, not World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest on Raw. Balor said that Priest should much rather have him with the briefcase as opposed to “Main Event” Jey Uso or Rey Mysterio.

Iyo Sky Versus Zelina Vega Versus Kiana James In A Women’s MITB Ladder Match Qualifying Match: We had our first MITB qualifying match tonight for the women’s side. This match overall was ok. You had some solid sequences and hard hitting moves as the match went on, even getting a “This Is Awesome” chant from the audience. Towards the end of the match, Zelina Vega was gaining some momentun, only for it to halted by Liv Morgan (Women’s World Champion) making her way to the ring wearing “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio’s ring vest. Morgan’s distraction removed Vega from the picture, allowing Iyo Sky to perform the Over the Moonsault on James and become the first woman to qualify.


Sami Zayn (Intercontinental Champion), Bron Breakker, And Sheamus Segment: Our Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn made his way down the isle after once again overcoming Chad Gable in an Intercontinental title match at CATC. Zayn said that he is a fighting champion, and is waiting for someone to step up and face him. Bron Breakker, who has been dominant inside and outside of the ring ever since he came to Raw, answered the call. He told Zayn that sooner or later, that Intercontinental title will have a new holder, and his name will be Bron Breakker. Sheamus then made his way to the ring. The last time we saw him he had a brutal match with Ludwig Kaiser, in which he came up short. Sheamus proclaimed that has been chasing the IC title for many years, and now it is his time to finally become a grand slam champion in WWE. Breakker then stepped to Sheamus, saying that he will kick his ass if Sheamus isn’t careful. Sheamus then called Breakker a rookie and a kid, and said that will teach him some respect right now. This is where Zayn came in and said that he would talk to Raw General Manager Adam Pearce about making a match between the two men official for tonight.

Drew McIntyre Segment: After being screwed over by CM Punk at CATC, McIntyre has had enough and says that he quits WWE (only when on Smackdown he destroys CM Punk in Chicago later this week).

Carlito Versus Dragon Lee: Following Carlito’s attack on Dragon Lee before WrestleMania XL, these two faced off in a strong revenge match. Women’s World Champion Liv Morgan made her presence known once more, but this time Zelina Vega and the rest of The LWO joined in. JD McDonagh took utilization of the interruptions, striking Lee and allowing Carlito to land the Backstabber for the win.


Kairi Sane And Dakota Kai Versus Katana Chance And Kayden Carter: Kairi Sane and Dakota Kai were on fire until Lyra Valkyria entered the ring to help Kayden Carter and Katana Chance. Carter and Chance won the match thanks to the distraction provided by Valkyria.


Karrion Kross And Kofi Kingston Segment: After the New Day cost AOP the world tag team titles against Miz and R-Truth (World Tag Team Champions) Karrion Kross challenged either member of the New Day to a match next week on Raw, to which Kingston accepted.

Bron Breakker Versus Sheamus: This was as a hard hitting match as you will see nowadays. Sheamus hit Breakker with a White Noise and a rolling senton, but Breakker fought back. Breakker delivered Sheamus crashing to the outside before overpowering him with an enormous jump from the ring, sending them both laying onto the announce table. The Celtic Warrior and Breakker exchanged hits as Sheamus told Breakker to fight. Breakker attempted a huge hurricanrana, but the spot was not executed correctly, enabling Sheamus to land a White Noise. Sheamus was getting ready for the Brogue Kick before Ludwig Kaiser came in caused a disqualification. As Kaiser was prepared to break Sheamus’ leg, Breakker speared Kaiser on the outside of the ring.


Liv Morgan (Women’s World Champion), “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio, and Damian Priest (World Heavyweight Champion) Segment: Liv Morgan (Women’s World Champion) continued to lust over Dom Dom. Mysterio really wanted his vest back, and so Morgan said that he can have it, if he takes it off of her. Damian Priest (World Heavyweight Champion) seeing this from afar, told Dom to go back to the clubhouse with his vest. Priest then told Morgan to leave Dom alone, but Morgan believes that Dom doesn’t want her to leave him alone.

Jey Uso Versus Rey Mysterio Versus Finn Balor In A Qualifying Match For The Men’s MITB Ladder Match: Jey Uso is once again pursuing a world title in WWE, having defeated Finn Bálor and Rey Mysterio in a Triple Threat Match to advance to the MITB Ladder Match. When Mysterio was about to hit the 619, Bálor clobbered him, taking both men to the ground. Mysterio ultimately landed the 619 on Bálor, then Uso, and finally both of his competitors. When Mysterio was about to claim victory, “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio and the rest of The Judgment Day bombarded him. Braun Strowman stepped in to equalize the chances and pursued The Judgment Day out of the venue. The finish happened when Balor hit Coup De Grace finish on Mysterio, only for Uso to hit his Uso splash finish on Balor, securing the victory.


THE WYATT SICK6 Make Their Debut: This was a cool ending to Raw. After months of all the QR codes and spooky vignettes, the new Uncle Howdy faction made their way to Raw. I don’t have much to say about this, other then speechless. It will be interesting to see how this new faction is presented in the weeks to come.






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