WWE Clash At The Castle Report For June 15th, 2024: Damian Priest Retains The World Heavyweight Championship Against Drew McIntyre Thanks To CM Punk, Cody Rhodes Defeats AJ Styles In An I Quit Match To Retain The WWE Championship.

Cody Rhodes (WWE Champion) Versus AJ Styles In An I Quit Match For The WWE Championship: This was a great match. It utilized everything needed in a no disqualification stipulation. From chairs to handcuffs, to chains and blood, it was a great spectacle that told a phenomenal “no pun intended” story. WWE Champion Cody Rhodes forced AJ Styles to say the two most devastating words in WWE “I quit.” Rhodes and Styles wasted no time attacking one another, fighting across the crowd area before heading to the locker room. The American Nightmare and The Phenomenal One used a variety of instruments to injure each other, including wires from headphones. Styles ricocheted Rhodes face-first off the nearby bell in the time-keepers area, leaving Rhodes with a nasty gash. Styles targeted Rhodes’ neck from every vantage point, injuring the champion with two consecutive brain busters and a steel chair. After whipping Rhodes with a belt from the referee’s pants, Styles appeared to have won the match as Rhodes was left temporarily unconscious from an STF submission hold. Even after waking up, Rhodes did not say the words, truly showing his inner John Cena “Never Give Up” mentality. Styles, enraged by Rhodes’ passing out, used handcuffs to render The American Nightmare defenseless against a Kendo stick bombardment. The Phenomenal One talk trashed with Rhodes’ mother at the front row, causing Mama Rhodes to strike Styles. Styles encased his forearm in a steel chain, but his bid at a chain-assisted Phenomenal Forearm fell apart when Rhodes threw the steel chair at Styles’ face, sending him crashing through a table set up earlier in the match. Rhodes subsequently utilized the handcuffs as a weapon, striking Styles in the forehead before releasing himself from them. Styles was disoriented and perplexed after receiving a Cody Cutter and two Cross Rhodes, including a third Cross Rhodes that sent Styles landing on a chair. Rhodes then cuffed Styles to the ropes and blasted him with steel chair attacks. As Rhodes prepared to launch the steel steps into a defenseless Styles, The Phenomenal One was forced to submit, leaving Cody Rhodes as the WWE Champion. As Rhodes walked into the backstage area, he came face to face with Solo Sikoa, the new Tribal Chief and Head Of The Table of the Bloodline. A moment later, Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa attacked Rhodes, but Randy Orton and Kevin Owens quickly joined in and chased The Bloodline away.


Bianca Belair And Jade Cargill (WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions) Versus Shayna Baszler And Zoey Stark Versus Alba Fyre And Isla Dawn For The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: To the shock of many, Dawn and Fyre were able to pull this one out and win the titles. Either this was a feel good moment title change, only for Belair and Cargill to win the titles back in a couple of weeks, or it is something that was planned a month or so ago. Time will tell. Belair and Cargill demonstrated their strength when they combined to perform a vicious vertical suplex on Baszler and Stark. Fyre put her body on the line, defeating the competition with plunges and malicious attacks. Cargill got the hot tag and was on a role, but her fire was cut off by Baszler, who locked in the Kirifuda Clutch and nearly put her to sleep. Belair, on the other hand, smashed through the submission attempt with a massive 450 splash. The finish happened when Belair and Cargill hit their tag team finisher on Baszler, only for Isla to german suplex Cargill out of nowhere to steal the match and win the titles.


Sami Zayn (Intercontinental Champion) Versus Chad Gable For The Intercontinental Championship: For months at this point, Chad Gable has been obsessed with winning the Intercontinental title. This match was the third or fourth matchup between Zayn and Gable. Lots of good spots. The story of the match was Gable targeting Zayn’s shoulder and ankle, persistently not letting up. Zayn is a fighter however, and no matter how much pain he was enduring during this title defense, he never waivered. Gable often went to ringside to talk with his Alpha Academy teammates Otis and Maxxine Dupri, who was wearing a boot due to an ankle injury she suffered a few weeks ago. Gable’s assault on Zayn’s left arm was successful, as his arm was searing in pain, preventing him from hitting the Blue Thunder Bomb. Gable and Zayn traded blows until Zayn landed a massive half-and-half suplex, driving Gable into the mat. The climax of the match occurred when Gable handed Dupri the IC title, so that he can distract the referee, allowing for Dupri to strike Zayn, but Dupri just could not do it. This infuriated Gable, who went to chastise Dupri before Otis intervened, backing Gable off. As Otis was looking like he was finally going to clock his manipulative coach, Zayn flew onto both men with a tope suicida, looking to capitalize on the momentum. Gable however rebounded and put Zayn in an ankle lock outside the ring. Zayn countered, and sent Gable right into Dupri’s injured knee. Otis then helped Dupri to the back, which distracted Gable enough for Zayn to hit the Helluva Kick and retain his title.


Bayley (WWE Women’s Champion) Versus Piper Niven For The WWE Women’s Championship: This was David Vs Goliath match. How was Bayley going to overcome the monster that is Piper Niven? Niven beat on Bayley at the beginning of the match. Chelsea Green, who was constantly interfering, was ejected by the referee, leveling the plain field. Bayley delivered a massive Bayley-to-Belly from the top rope, but Green came back to ringside wearing a mask to distract the referee, giving Niven the opportunity to kick out. Niven took advantage of the chaos to hit a Piper Driver, but Bayley kicked out at the last second. Bayley used a massive Crucifix Driver on Niven to secure the hard-fought victory.


Damian Priest (World Heavyweight Champion) Versus Drew McIntyre For The World Heavyweight Championship: This is what Drew McIntyre had been waiting for ever since he was cashed on by Damian Priest at Wrestlemania 40, thanks to guest commentator CM Punk. This was McIntyre’s chance, in front of his home country and fans, to finally get the opportunity to win a world title in a sold out arena. The crowd was nuts for this match. Priest and McIntyre began with a test of strength, with McIntyre getting the best of that battle. The two went on to brawl for a little while more, before Priest decided to hit a tope on McIntyre outside the ring, which went awry for Priest who got his leg caught in between the top and middle rope. This gave McIntyre an opening to injure Priest some more, and an overall advantage throughout the match. Despite the pain in his ankle, Priest clobbered McIntyre with a massive clothesline. Priest used one foot to strike the Razor’s Edge, but McIntyre survived. As the two men fought on the outside, McIntyre delivered a massive Claymore Kick that pushed the champion through the barricade. Back in the ring, McIntyre prepared for a second Claymore, but just as he was about to strike, Priest delivered the South of Heaven Chokeslam. McIntyre unexpectedly kicked out at the last moment. After Priest executed a top-rope hurricarana, McIntyre stunned him with a surprise Claymore, resulting in an unbelievable kickout. Soon after this, the referee was knocked outside of the ring, leaving this match to become utter craziness. McIntyre was able to catch Priest with one final Claymore, however the referee was out. Another referee did emerge to make the count, but it would end up being a Scottish nightmare for McIntyre. CM Punk, wearing a referee shirt, came down to the ring to screw McIntyre once again, the same way he did at Wrestlemania 40. Punk low blowed McIntyre, leaving the opening for Priest to hit another South Of Heaven Chokeslam to pick up the win and retain the world title.


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