WWE Smackdown Report For May 31st, 2024: AJ Styles Fakes Retirement And Attacks WWE Champion Cody Rhodes, New Developments In The Bloodline.

Nia Jax Queen Of The Ring Coronation Segment: We started Smackdown off with General Manager Nick Aldis in the ring. Aldis then said that when one of your top draft picks delivers in the most crucial moments, that is when the investment really pays off. Aldis then introduced 2024 QOTR winner Nia Jax to the ring. Jax said that whether the fans like it or not, she is their queen, and there is nothin they can do about it. Jax then demanded that Bayley (WWE Women’s Champion) come to the ring to bow down her. Bayley then came out, but before getting to the ring was attacked from behind by Piper Niven and Chelsea Green. Niven, who is facing Bayley for the WWE Women’s title at the Clash At The Castle Premium Live Event On June 15th, threw Bayley in the ring and splashed her. Chelsea then took the microphone and told Nia that it won’t be Bayley she will be facing at Summerslam for the WWE Women’s title, it’ll be Piper Niven. Nia then said that whoever it is, will be annihilated.

Austin Theory (WWE Tag Team Champion) Versus Tommaso Ciampa: This was a fun match. Theory was getting heat from the crowd by beating down Ciampa in the early going, culminating in a neck breaker off the apron onto the floor. Ciampa fought back only for Theory to swiftly regain command, but Grayson Waller overheard the commentary team’s words, and Theory shifted his focus away from Ciampa. That proved to be the difference, as Ciampa pushed Theory into his partner and promptly rolled him up to claim the victory.


Andrade Versus Apollo Crews: Apollo Crews, who I have not seen in I dont, tn’t know how long, has returned to SmackDown, but had to face Andrade, who everyone knew he was losing to as soon as this match was advertised. The action began quickly, but Angel of Legado del Fantasma made his way to the ring, hoping to bring in Andrade to his team. Crews looked equally formidable as ever, but Andrade took things to the next level, winning with a knockout spinning elbow and a twisting DDT suplex. After the match, Andrade gave Santos Escobar, the leader of Legado Del Fantasma, the cold shoulder, which put Angel in real hot water with the group.


Kevin Owens And Paul Heyman Segment, this started off with Solo talking strategy with Tonga Loa and Tama Tonga about their upcoming match with the Street Profits. Paul Heyman then came into frame and told Solo that when Roman Reigns was running the Bloodline, violence would only happen if strategy came before it. Heyman then tells Solo that Reigns and him would not allow certain people into the Bloodline by doing background checks and things of that nature. Heyman then told Solo that if he listens to him and applies strategy to his process of assault, then things would be better. Heyman then said that the strategy would be that when Roman Reigns comes back, the Bloodline will have Cody Rhodes in check and ready to be beaten. Solo then says to Heyman that WE have Cody Rhodes in check, and it he doesn’t even know it. But before Paul to get his answer to who WE is, Kevin Owens made his way to the ring. Solo then said that Heyman better go handle this. Owens was starting to talk and got to some of his points before we heard “LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, MY NAME IS PAUL HEYMAN.” Heyman then begged Owens to leave this new Bloodline alone, as they are dangerous thugs without a conscious. Owens then said that he does not care, and calls out Solo and his crew. Solo, Tama, and Tonga answered looking to beatdown Owens, before their opponents the Street Profits were there to back up KO. This led to a brawl, and a match took place shortly after.

Tama Tonga And Tonga Loa Versus The Street Profits: After trading blows with Kevin Owens, Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa handled business inside the ring, defeating The Street Profits. The Tongas’ violence was on full view as they used their mauling abilities to break down Angelo Dawkins, all while an emotional Paul Heyman watched from ringside. Dawkins dug deep until he found Montez Ford, and the athletic Superstar was giving The Bloodline a run for their money. The Street Profits appeared to have won the match, but they were unaware that Tama Tonga had tagged in, and he hit a surprise flatliner on Ford to win it.


Bayley (WWE Women’s Champion) And Naomi Versus Piper Niven And Chelsea Green: Bayley teamed up with Naomi to battle Chelsea Green and Piper Niven, but by the end of the night, the champion had lost. Naomi had Green feeling the glow, particularly after a split-legged moonsault and a dive to the outside, but the embers became extinguished by Niven’s brutal running senton. That senton also hit Green, but it didn’t bother Niven, who dragged her lifeless partner over their opponent to secure the massive victory.


AJ Styles And Cody Rhodes (WWE Champion) Segment: It was being teased all night that AJ Styles was going to retire from in ring competition, but anyone who was been watching WWE or wrestling in general for some time, will remember when Mark Henry said he was going to retire in 2013, only to fake out everyone so that he could get a WWE Championship match against John Cena at MITB, well the same thing basically happened here. Styles came out to the ring and gave this real authentic heartwarming speech to the audience. Cody Rhodes (WWE Champion) then came down to the ring to celebrate Styles’ Phenomenal (no pun intended) career. And, as soon as Cody let his guard down, he was clotheslined by the deceiving Styles, who never had any intention of retiring, and obviously wants one more crack at the WWE title. Styles then continued to beat down Rhodes, before ending the assault with a Styles clash off the steel steps to the floor outside the ring.

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