WWE Raw Report For May 27th, 2024: World Heavyweight Championship Contenders Established, Liv Morgan Kisses “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio.

Damian Priest (World Heavyweight Champion), Gunther (KOTR), Drew McIntyre, And Braun Strowman Segement: We kicked off Raw this week with Ludwig Kaiser introducing the new KOTR Gunther to the ring. Gunther stated that because he successfully defeated Randy Orton, he will receive a World Heavyweight Championship match at Summerslam. Gunther said that he restored the prestige of the Intercontinental Championship, he has now restored the prestige of the KOTR, and he will soon bring prestige to the World Heavyweight Championship, since he believes that Damian Priest is a joke of a champion. This caused Damian Priest, Finn Balor, and JD McDonaugh to come out to the ring. Priest says to Gunther that he earned the MITB briefcase in a ladder match, and he cashed in when the time was right. Gunther responds by asking if Priest wants to teach him more lessons about sports entertainment now, and address him as KOTR, or later on this year when he is World Heavyweight Champion. Shortly after this is when Drew McIntyre, the number one contender for Priest’s title at Clash At The Castle, made his way to the ring. He tells Priest that in three weeks at CATC in Glasgow, Scotland, Priest will be mentally broken by the crowd, and McIntyre will physically break him and become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Priest then responded by mentioning McIntyre’s wife, which set him off. Braun Strowman then came down to the ring for his match with JD McDonaugh, and that sent us into our first match of the evening.

Braun Strowman Versus JD McDonaugh: This was a fun match that consisted of Strowman just beating up JD all over the ring. Braun Strowman dismantled JD McDonagh in his first match back from injury, throwing him around as you would expect. McDonagh attempted to chop Strowman, which resulted in a ruthless chop from the Monster Among Men. JD was able to get some offense by continuing to target Strowman’s knee. Strowman was able to fight back however and strike McDonagh with the freight train clothesline. While Strowman was attempting to eliminate McDonagh, Finn Balor and Carlito attempted to defeat The Monster of All Monsters. This backfired, as Strowman shook them off with a Tilt-a-whirl Powerslam on McDonagh to win the match. After the match, McDonagh attempted to attack with a steel chair, but an enraged Strowman forced him, Bálor, and Carlito to flee.


Karrion Kross And New Day Segment: We had a segment with Miz and R-Truth (World Tag Team Champions) eating ice cream. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods then approached them and asked for a World Tag Team title match, to which Miz and Truth said later on, but not right now. Karrion Kross then came into frame and asked of Kingston will ever let Woods shine as a singles star. Both members of New Day then asked Kross to leave, and that they want a match with the Authors of Pain next week on Raw, to which Kross accepted.

Ilja Dragonuv Versus Richochet: Ricochet and Ilja Dragunov had their rematch after a great KOTR tournament match a few weeks ago, with Dragunov winning. Dragunov attempted to eliminate Ricochet with the H-Bomb, but Ricochet landed a Recoil for a two-count. Ricochet executed a massive moonsault despite his rib injuries. Just as he was about to cover Dragunov, Bron Breakker (who was suspended this week by Raw GM Adam Pearce) appeared and struck Ricochet with a massive spear. Dragunov attempted to fight back, but was also hit with a spear for his troubles. The match ended with Adam Pearce berating Bron Breakker, but one stern look from Bron made Pearce quiet.


Memorial Day Video Package: We had a video package celebrating and honoring Memorial Day.

Authors Of Pain Versus The Creed Brothers: This was ok. Julius Creed looked strong delivering some northern light suplexes for awhile. Scarlett gave the distraction by attacking Ivy Nile, which gave AOP the chance to hit their finish and win the match. This was Mainly a match for AOP to look strong and pick up the win. Not much to say about this bout other then the continued build between the Final Testament and the New Day.


Sheamus And Lugwig Kaiser Segment: This is the first time we have seen Sheamus since his loss in the KOTR tournament to Gunther a few weeks back. Sheamus said that if it hadn’t been for Kaiser chopping his knee towards the end of the match against Gunther, that he would have won. We then see Kaiser on the titantron talking trash, which makes Sheamus angry and he goes to the back to fight Kaiser, a brawl ensued.

Lyra Valkyria Versus Kairi Sane: This was a solid match. Lyra Valkyria faced Damage CTRL’s Kairi Sane just two days after losing to Nia Jax in the Queen of the Ring Final. Valkyria was not at full strength entering the fight, suffering from bruised ribs that Sane targeted with stomps and strikes. Sane attempted the Insane Elbow, but Valkyria reversed it into a pinfall to secure the comeback victory.


Rey Mysterio Versus Carlito: Carlito faced Rey Mysterio for the first time since betraying the LWO by attacking Dragon Lee and Cruz Del Toro. Carlito attacked the WWE Hall of Famer, hitting a superplex that Mysterio followed with a massive springboard moonsault. Finn Bálor rushed to the ring to help Carlito, but Mysterio combated Balor’s inteference. Soon after, Mysterio hit the 619 to exact his revenge and defeat Carlito.


Otis Versus “Big” Bronson Reed: With his abusive coach Chad Gable still berating him, Otis had a difficult time dealing with “Big” Bronson Reed. Otis became enraged, however, and slammed Reed before attempting the worm. Nevertheless, before he could begin, Gable stopped Otis from completing the move. Reed took advantage of the delay by hitting the Tsunami, defeating Otis.


Sami Zayn (Intercontinental Champion) And Alpha Academy Segment: Chad Gable was about to punish Otis for losing to Reed as well as costing him the Intercontinental title at King and Queen of the Ring. The punishment was going to receive ten lashes from Gable, Maxxine Dupri stopped Gable. Gable then started berating Dupri, before IC Champ Sami Zayn rushed to the ring. Zayn told Otis to listen to the people and not to Gable. That is when Gable took a cheap shot and attacked Zayn, but Sami fought back and put Gable down for a bit. While trying to convince Otis to leave Gable behind, Gable suplexed Zayn and left him laying.

Liv Morgan (Women’s World Champion) Versus Becky Lynch Inside A Steel Cage For The Women’s World Championship: Liv Morgan looked like she had done this kind of match before, slamming Becky Lynch into the steel cage repeatedly. Deep into the battle, Morgan and Lynch brawled on top of the cage before Morgan hit Lynch with a powerbomb. Lynch used the ropes to apply a Disarm-her, but Morgan fought through the submission hold. This is where “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio once again attempted to ensure Lynch’s victory, paving the way for The Man, until JD McDonagh and Finn Bálor arrived to persuade Mysterio to stay out of the match. Braun Strowman, who was looking for McDonagh, attacked Mysterio, shoving him into the door, which also slammed into Lynch. Morgan took advantage of this opening and escaped through the cage door to retain her title. Post match, which some did not get to see because USA Network cut the feed at the 11:00 PM Eastern Mark, Morgan proceeded to kiss Mysterio, which is a cliffhanger of sorts for next week’s Raw.




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