WWE Smackdown Report For May 24th, 2024: Randy Orton and Nia Jax advance to the KOTR and QOTR Finals.

Bianca Belair (WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion) Versus Nia Jax: This was an overall fun match, The story was Belair selling her knee injury that she has had throughout this tournament, and how Jax was able to take advantage of it. Nia dominated for a good portion of the match, and then Bianca mounted a comeback which got the crowd into it a ton. However, Jax was able to hit her finish on Belair, who’s knee gave out towards the end of the match, and advance to the finals of the Queen Of The Ring.


Grayson Waller And Austin Theory (WWE Tag Team Champions) Effect Segment: We had WWE Tag Team Champions Grayson Waller and Austin Theory in the ring to host their talk show. They talked about how they are the best tag team of all time, and eventually were getting to introduce their guest of the evening, LA Knight, onto the show. Carmelo Hayes instead interrupted and came down to the ring. Hayes said that Waller and Theory should be interviewing him, as he is one of Smackdown’s first round picks, and not LA Knight, who was selected in the later round. LA Knight then came out to a monstrous pop, and a shortly after that a brawl ensued. The Street Profits came down to the ring and evened the odds, leading to a six man tag team match.

LA Knight and Street Profits Versus A-Town Down Under (WWE Tag Team Champions) and Carmelo Hayes: This was a traditional WWE six man tag team match. Everyone got their stuff in. LA Knight had the most heat collectively within the match. The contest concluded when Montez Ford hit his famous frog splash off the top rope onto Grayson Waller for the win, setting up another WWE Tag Team Championship Match in the future between the Street Profits and A-Town Down Under.


Cody Rhodes (WWE Champion) and Logan Paul (WWE United States Champion) Segment: We had one last faceoff between WWE Champion Cody Rhodes and WWE United States Champion Logan Paul before their champion vs champion matchup today at King and Queen of the Ring. It is worth noting that Rhodes came out to a huge pop, with the crowd singing his song, like how France was singing his song a couple of weeks ago. Rhodes asked Paul if he needed to worry about any brass knuckles, to which Paul said no. Rhodes then had an official come down to the ring and check Paul for weapons, which he ended up having. Rhodes said that after tomorrow, Paul will know where he stands in WWE, and that he will never want to face Rhodes again as well.

Bayley (WWE Women’s Champion) Versus Chelsea Green: This was an ok match. Green worked over Bayley for a good while, and then Bayley came back. There was some nice reversals as well, and then Bayley beat Green with her Rose Plant finish for the win. After the match Piper Niven attacked Bayley and left her laying. This basically set up a Bayley versus Piper Niven WWE Women’s Championship match I presume at Clash At The Castle in three weeks.


Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga, and Paul Heyman Backstage Segment: We cut to the back and see Paul Heyman telling Solo Sikoa that they could not get Tanga Loa across the border to Saudi Arabia. Heyman passionately tells Sikoa that these new members of the Bloodline are dangerous and there was a reason as to why they were never brought into the Bloodline when Roman Reigns was around. Solo said once again told Heyman that he is in charge until Roman comes back. Tama Tonga then stepped into frame and asked a terrified Heyman if they had a problem, to which Heyman quickly shook his head no. Tama Tonga then said that he will bring the KOTR crown to the Bloodline, by orders, of the Tribal Chief (Who I think is The Rock haha).

Randy Orton Versus Tama Tonga: This match was fun. The story of this, similar to the Bianca Nia match, was the selling of Orton’s knee injury. Randy Orton knocked an aggressive Solo Sikoa off the ring apron before hitting Tama Tonga with an RKO to win the match and advance to the finals of the King of the Ring Tournament against Gunther. As the prevailing Viper locked eyes with The Ring General in the front row, Solo struck Orton from behind, launching a post-match assault. This triggered Kevin Owens to the ring, where he made the save and fought off the Bloodline.


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