WWE King And Queen Of The Ring Report For May 25th, 2024: Gunther And Nia Jax Win King And Queen Of The Ring, Cody Rhodes Retains WWE Championship.

Bianca Belair And Jade Cargill (WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions) Versus Candice Larae And Indi Hartwell For The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: This was some good stuff. The story of the match was Hartwell and Larae working over Belair and her injured knee. The anticipation slowly came to Cargill’s hot tag, in which she was firing on all cylinders. Cargill and Belair then hit their new tag team finisher, a wheel barrow suplex into a DDT, for the win.


Becky Lynch (Women’s World Champion) Versus Liv Morgan For The Women’s World Championship: This was a strong showing by both Becky and Liv. Liv was working over Becky for a good portion of the match, which was a surprise considering Lynch is, outside of Rhea Ripley, the top women’s wrestler in WWE. Lynch was able to fire back however, and eventually this lead to both women trading lefts and rights. Later on in the bout, Lynch got Morgan in the Dis-Arm Her submission hold, when all of a sudden “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio showed up outside the ring. This temporarily distracted Lynch, and allowed Morgan to hit a code breaker for a near fall. Shortly there after, Mysterio threw a chair in the ring to Lynch, which distracted the referee talking to Dom. This opened the window of opportunity to DDT Lynch on the chair when the official was distracted, and hit her Oblivion finish to win the match.


Sami Zayn (Intercontinental Champion) Versus Chad Gable Versus “Big” Bronson Reed: This was a really fun match. Sami Zayn faced his greatest challenge as WWE Intercontinental Champion, and it took an enormous effort in front of a massive crowd in Saudi Arabia to keep his title. Reed took command very early due to his massive size and strength, but Gable fought back out of a strong desire to win his first singles championship. Zayn demonstrated why he is the champion by hitting a major dive on both of his opponents before landing a ring-shaking sunset flip powerbomb on Reed (which was impressive). The commotion continued as Gable hit a double German suplex, but he got fed up with his partner Otis when he refused to floor Zayn as instructed. When Otis finally listened, Zayn avoided the clothesline, and Otis struck Gable instead. That opening allowed Zayn to return to the ring and nail Reed with a Helluva Kick, and pinning him to retain his title.


Nia Jax Versus Lyra Valkyria In The QOTR Finals: This was a classic David vs Goliath wrestling match. Nia throughout would continue to hoist Valkyria onto her shoulders, but Valkyria kept applying sleeper holds and armbars to wear down the irresistible force. Valkyria demonstrated tremendous bravery, countering the Annihilator and dropping Jax with well-placed strikes and a tornado DDT. The NXT newcomer challenged another attempt at taking down Nia, sending her opponent into the turnbuckle before landing a double stomp and leg drop on Jax’s neck. Jax fought back and positioned Valkyria on the top turnbuckle, but she slithered out of it. Moments later, however, Valkyria’s attempt at a sunset flip powerbomb was foiled by Jax, who countered it with a ferocious Annihilator to become Queen of the Ring, and as a result getting a shot at the WWE Women’s Championship at Summerslam


Gunther Versus Randy Orton In The KOTR Finals: This was a phenomenal match. Gunther and Orton started off with the traditional chain wrestling style, before eventually morphing into an all out war. Gunther broke Orton down slowly as the match went on. From chops to the chest to chop blocks at Orton’s injured knee, Gunther was willing to stop at nothing at becoming King Of The Ring. Orton, after getting beat up for the majority of the match, slammed Gunther on the announce table three times, before soon hitting an RKO, which Orton could not get over to pin Gunther fast enough, and the ring general once again rolled outside of the ring. The finish happened when Orton hit a second RKO on Gunther, but didn’t have the capability of pinning Gunther completely due to the injured knee. Gunther capitalized and crucifix pinned Orton for the win. Gunther wins King Of The Ring, and will receive a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Summerslam.


Triple H announces that Damian Priest will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Drew McIntyre at the Clash At The Castle PLE on June 15th.

Cody Rhodes (WWE Champion) Versus Logan Paul (United States Champion) For The WWE Championship: This was the match of the night. Cody Rhodes faced Logan Paul to see who was the better man, and who truly was the face of Smackdown. Paul demonstrated his boxing abilities and the titanium plate in his hand before attacking The American Nightmare’s midsection with several slams and an octopus stretch. One of Paul’s associates distracted Rhodes and the official, allowing another stooge of Logan’s to slip brass knuckles to him and use them on the Rhodes’ ribs that had been battered throughout the match. After scolding Michael Cole on commentary, Paul was hit by an incredible diving splash, giving Rhodes the advantage. The Maverick battled back and attempted a Pedigree on the announce table, but Rhodes opposed with a Cody Cutter on the table. Rhodes did not want to win by count-out, so he cleared an announce desk, only to be laid out by Paul’s signature right hand. Paul climbed the top rope, drank a bottle of his signature Prime energy drink, and unleashed a massive Frog Splash through Rhodes on the table. With the referee incapacitated, Paul went for his brass knuckles one last time, but he was stopped by special guest ring announcer and famous Saudi Arabia comedian Ibrahim Al Hajjaj, who pulled Paul’s leg from ringside. Seconds later, Paul walked directly into three consecutive Cross Rhodes, and Cody pinned Paul to retain the title.





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