WWE Raw Report For May 20th, 2024: Gunther and Lyra Valkyria to represent Raw in the King and Queen Of The Ring Finals.

Sami Zayn/Chad Gable and Alpha Academy Segment: We opened the show with the WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn making his way down to the ring. Zayn cut a very passionate promo, talking about how he was able to defeat Gunther at Wrestlemania 40, and over the past month he has had to deal with a personal feud with Chad Gable, as well as a professional feud with “Big” Bronson Reed. Zayn called Gable the mind, saying that he will manipulate anyone and everyone to win the Intercontinental title. Zayn also said that Reed is the body, and how his physical impressiveness may be too much for Sami to overcome, considering Reed has pinned Zayn twice in singles action. And Zayn called himself the soul, and that there is nothing that either of these two can do to take away his Intercontinental championship. Chad Gable and the Alpha Academy then made their way down to the ring. Gable stated that he will make sure to pin Sami Zayn in the triple threat match this weekend at King and Queen of the Ring, and take his soul also. Gable also continued to talk down to his Alpha Academy members, saying that Maxxine Dupri should be competing for Queen of the Ring this weekend, but she got eliminated in the first round. Gable also verbally assaulted Akira Towzawa, saying that he did zero percent damage to Bronson Reed last week on Raw. Otis got the worst of the promo, with Gable calling him the biggest failure he has ever seen. Zayn then responded and asked the Alpha Academy members how much longer are they going to put up with Chad Gable’s crap? Zayn then got a referee down to the ring to bring to our first match of the night.

Sami Zayn Versus Chad Gable: This was another solid match between Zayn and Gable. The story of this bout was how Gable was trying to get the Alpha Academy to assist him in victory against Zayn. He distracted the referee to open for Maxxine Dupri to slap Zayn, but she hesitated and did not do it. Later on in the match, Towzawa got a chance from Gable once again distracting the official to hit Zayn, and Towzawa did not. Gable then ordered both of them to go to the back. Gable then opened up the door for Otis to hit Sami Zayn, and Otis did not do it. Gable then slapped Otis in the face and went and grab the Intercontinental Championship to hit Zayn with. Zayn caught Gable with an exploder suplex, setting up Gable for the Helluva Kick, when Otis clotheslined Sami Zayn and allowed Chad Gable to win the match with the Chaos Theory.


Bron Breakker Versus Local Competitor: Bron Breakker was drafted to Raw in the WWE draft and is still upset that he was not in the King of the Ring tournament. As a result, Breakker destroyed this local competitor spearing him multiple times inside and outside of the ring as well as hitting with with vicious power slams and fists. Breakker then took the local competitor and put his head in between the steel steps and crushed him with a steel chair, which caused doctors and medical officials to come down to the ring to bring the local competitor out on a stretcher. This match was a no contest.


Lyra Valkyria Versus Iyo Sky: With the right to represent Raw in the Queen Of The Ring Finals, Lyra Valkyria and Iyo Sky gave it everything they had in this contest. Valkyria performed an incredible feat of athleticism by trapping SKY in a torturous submission hold. SKY was able to free herself before locking on a crossface to try to subdue Valkyria. Valkyria looked as if she had injured her shoulder while going a tornado DDT. Sky then focused on the injury, kicking Valkyria’s shoulder before performing a moonsault from the outside of the ring onto her. After a massive sunset flip powerbomb from the top rope, SKY went for the Over the Moonsault, but Valkyria rolled up Sky for the win and advanced to the Queen Of The Ring Finals.

WINNER: Lyra Valkyria


Ilja Dragonuv Backstage Segment: We had a backstage interview with Ilja Dragonuv with the interviewer asking him how he felt about losing last week to Jey Uso in the King of the Ring tournament. Dragonuv was obviously disappointed, but vowed that one day he will see Gunther in the squared circle. Meanwhile, Bron Breakker continued his anarchy on Raw by spearing Ricochet in half in the backstage area.

Damian Priest (World Heavyweight Champion) and Judgment Day backstage segment: Damian Priest walks into into the Judgment Day Clubhouse, asking Carlito why he was there. Carlito said he took out Cruz Del Toro and that he’s just laying low for a while. Priest said this is not the APA and they’re not his personal protection, and that he has to keep earning his keep if he wants to stay away from the LWO. Priest then encourages Finn Balor and JD McDonaugh to win their world tag team title match tonight.

R-Truth and Miz Versus Finn Balor and JD McDonaugh For The World Tag Team Championships: The Miz and R-Truth’s defense of the World Tag Team Titles was hampered early on by the presence of “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio, who assisted Finn Bálor and JD McDonagh of The Judgment Day in regaining the titles. Awesome Truth delivered a double five-knuckle shuffle, but Carlito arrived at ringside to assist Bálor and McDonagh. Much to everyone’s surprise, Braun Strowman gave his way to remove Carlito from the match. Strowman then followed McDonagh into the ring, where he was met with an Attitude Adjustment by R-Truth, giving Awesome Truth the retention win.

Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark win a number one contender’s match for the women’s tag team championships:

This was a good match. Chance and Carter hit their After Party finish, but Chance was not the legal competitor. In the subsequent chaos, Damage CTRL appeared to have the upper hand. However, it was Ivy Nile who unleashed a massive tower of doom powerbomb (which is something we see in almost every multi person match) on Dakota Kai before Dupri used the reverse worm. Dupri then locked Kai in an ankle lock, but Sane saved it with an Insane Elbow. After several back-and-forths, Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark hit a massive assisted knee smash to win the match.

Sonya Deville returns:

Drew McIntyre backstage interview: Drew McIntyre stated that Damian Priest is worrying about other issues when he should be worrying about defending the World Heavyweight Championship against him. McIntyre said that at Wrestlemania he beat Seth “Freakin” Rollins, and soon enough he will beat Priest too.

Becky Lynch/Liv Morgan Segment: The WWE Women’s World Champion made her way down to the ring, and talked to the fans about how she has broken barriers and is the best in the business. Liv Morgan then interrupted Lynch, and talked about when she defeats Becky Lynch at King and Queen of the Ring this weekend, she will be rightfully atop the division as WWE Women’s World Champion. Becky then challenges Liv to fight right here and now, and Morgan does not oblige.

Gunther Versus Jey Uso: Gunther and Jey Uso engaged in a hard-fought melee to determine who would advance to the King of the Ring final and represent Raw. Gunther quickly returned, sending Uso into the timekeepers’ area. Gunther continued his attack on Uso, focusing on Uso’s injured arm and using multiple submission holds to try to force him to submit. To end Gunther’s vibe, Uso dug deep and landed a massive Samoan Drop from the top rope. After some back and forth, Gunther landed a massive powerbomb but was unable to get the three count. Uso slapped Gunther, which reawakened The Ring General, who hit Uso with multiple chops. This still did not put Uso away, and he followed up by hitting Uso with a sleeper that concluded the match. Gunther will represent Raw this weekend in the King Of The Ring Finals.





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