November 28, 2023

The Santa Clauses Episode 2 Review

1 min read

We leave off from episode 1. We see Scott talking to the Cupid and Riley plays with Cupid and Cupid like a dog goes with it. Cupid knows magnus antsy but won’t tell Scott about him.

Chris tells magnus antus about Christmas stories. We see a “gnome” instead of an elf and she’s angry and magnus tells Chris “approach” when Chris asks for a hug and he’s all angry and bothered. We see Sandra and she’s possibly  turning into a witch.

We see Magnus antus and Olga slaps him and he says “that was deserved!” Magnus antus is a great character lol I’m enjoying him. Magnus and. Olga calls people peasants. Magnus at one point says “no no no” and a kid goes “no it’s ho ho ho”

Scott tells Sandra she isn’t getting enough attention from him. They eat ice creek together in a nice moment. Scott says “elves bells” LOL, it ends pretty much the same way with Magnus antus vowing  to take Christmas back. What do you guys think so far? 

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