November 28, 2023

The Santa Clauses Episode 1 Review

1 min read

Episode 1.

We go back to 1307 AD somehow. We meet mad Santa? We see Chris, aka Gabriel Iglesias aka fluffy!! He’s playing Santa. We see Santa going into Chris’s house and he eats the stuff and gets a twinkle in his eye.

Scott wants cal to be Santa. But Betty doesn’t think he’s ready. The elf’s look at the elf clauses. I forgot Sandra can talk to the animals. Riley can’t hear them but Sandra can of course

Chris gets a snow globe. Cal wants to make a lot of changes to Santa. The elves break out into a dance “dancing with my elves” and make so many elf puns LOL

Betty leaves the North Pole. Scott lies to Betty and says no big changes. We go back to the evil Santa. And Chris brings the evil Santa to the earth. The evil Santa says it’s time for a change and he’s gonna take over! End of episode 1. Funny. Entertaining

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