November 28, 2023

NXT Review 11/7/23

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We start off with the heritage cup match! Akira tozawa vs Noam dar! Tozawa gets a hit streak going, goes to the top rope but gets distracted by the super nova. And that causes dar to sneak a fall. Dar gets the first fall. Eventually Tozawa gets back and gets the second fall. Ultimately dar retains with the side kick. But Tozawa suplexs mensah after the match.

We see mick foley announce the 2 qualifiers for the iron survivor! Bate vs dijak and Stratton vs Henley

We have a Lyra Valkerya promo. She says she did it and ultimate babyface promo. Interrupted by xia li out of the crowd. Xia wants the belt and tkos a security guard with the kick

Next up is Tiffany Stratton vs Fallon Henley. Winner goes to deadline. Tiffany drops Fallon outside the ring and hard… for whatever reason. Tiffany hits a chop lock and the pettiest moonsault ever to advance

We see Wes Lee backstage and Corbin interrupts. Wes Lee says he has a list of people to get revenge on. Corbin roasts him and Lee says he’s got more to add to the list.

Bron Breakker vs von Wagner! Must be a winner. Anything goes cause breakker gave a low blow. Bron spears von outside after von saved stone. And then spears Von again on the inside. For the win. After the match breakker tries to kill stone and Von puts him through a table. Sadly don’t think Bron is coming up yet.

Roxanne and Jordan defeated Lola and Lopez in tag match. Not much to this match.

Next up is Drew gulak vs Otis! I like the alpha academy on nxt. Otis wins with a powerbomb!

We got something going on with Andre chase. He gets a mysterious letter that Jayce reads but Chase yells at her.

Dijak defeats Tyler bate in a solid match to advance to deadline. Deadline should be good.

To end the night we have melo asking trick to come out to the ring. Trick says he doesn’t know who attacked him. Melo acting really shady. Melo and trick are interrupted by Lexis king. Trick goes to hit king and hits Hayes. Helps Hayes up but Hayes looks pissed. That’s nxt!

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