November 28, 2023

Loki Episode 5 Review

1 min read

We start off with the end of episode 4. That absolute banger of a cliffhanger. We go to California and Alcatraz. Everybody is going crazy; we go back to 2012. We see Loki go to New York

We go to 2022 and Cleveland with mobius. Loki meets up with mobius but mobius has no idea.

Loki tells OB he needs to save the TVA. And they get a plan. Mobius is worried he won’t be able to come back but Loki guarantees him he will.

Loki goes to sylvie and say lie unlike everybody else knows who he is. And of course Loki is confused.

We see Lyle playing record for sylvie as he gets ripped apart like he who remains did. We see everybody disappearing but Loki learned how to control it. There is a very hidden after credit where you see an arcade game teasing the villain Zaniac. Do we see Thor or any mcu character in the season finale? Hope for a season 3! What do we think?

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